It all comes from a sparkle, and that sparkle is you and your needs.



So… first, we need you to contact us. You can send us an email, a call or you can send a carrier pigeon to our den.



After this first approach, our Racoon army will start working on your inputs and will get back to you with a perfectly planned concept.
After you approve our flawless plan (we know you will), we’ll start building it for you.



  • First, we’ll develop one of our little crazy stories. Our amanuensis Racoons will spend an incredible amount of time focused on communicating with your audience. They’ll finally produce a handwritten script on leaves, but we’ll probably send you an email.
  • While the amanuensis write, our army will also browse all over the place to find the right visual inputs that can match your needs.
  • We also have musician Racoons that can play any kind of instruments..leaves, trunks, synthesizers, birds, guitars…you name it, they play it!

After all that work, Racoon Studio will send you a nice package to give you the exact idea on how your clip will be in the end, and, once you love what you see and hear, the production will start!


Production & Delivery

From that moment on, we’ll always keep you updated on our development ‘till the final delivery (if you want us to send you pigeons please tell us in time).
In the end, the Racoon Army supreme commander will personally send you the final videos in the formats you need to spread your message all over the world.