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Biwy - Blood sample with smile

"An animated short designed to explain to children how blood sampling works."

In a waiting room of a clinic, two children meet while they are waiting to have their blood drawn. One of them has done it before, while for the other it's the first time.

Magically Biwy appears, a monarch butterfly that accompanies our protagonists to discover all the phases of the collection.

Project details

Riccardo Galimberti
Riccardo Galimberti Marta Sofia Marzullo
Marta Sofia Marzullo
Racoon Studio
Marta Sofia Marzullo Rachele Santini Gabriele Dal Fabbro
Francesca Falasca
Fish Singer
Tiffany Alexander Elisa Giorgio Katie Flamman
This is an animated short designed to explain how picking works and to entertain children while they do it.
The project was created for AIBWS, a non-profit association that protects and helps children suffering from Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, who for prevention reasons must undergo numerous blood tests.

The video was made in traditional animation and won the EIFA 2019 (European Independent Film Awards) competition for best animated short film.

It was a pleasure to make this video in all its phases, from writing, to design, to the production of all the animations and the final compositing.