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Nikelodeon 5ive

"Between spaceships,
rock concerts
and NBA games"

One of the first projects realized by Racoon Studio for “Nickelodeon Italia”. A series of five videos with the aim of bringing the kids closer to a healthier food style.

All linked by the same narrative structure, the videos of “5IVE” recount the imaginary adventures of these five kids through the most disparate worlds.

Between spaceships, rock concerts and NBA games, five friends can get the right energy just by eating fruit and vegetables!

Video made in 2d animation in mixed technique between cut out and traditional.

Project details

Tv Social/Commercial
Fondazione Bonduelle - Nickelodeon Italia - MTV Pubblicità
Riccardo Galimberti, Pietro Polentes
Pietro Polentes - Riccardo Galimberti - Filippo Letizi - Fabrizio Rebagliati
Demetrio Focarelli