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"Ready for everything."

Ele and Fante are the protagonists of the TV commercial we made for Banca Aidexa and for Caffeina agency.

Starting from the illustrations, we had fun having these two purple elephants act immersed in the green of the jungle, giving them life and personality in the short time of a commercial!

Project details

Animated promo
Banca AideXa
Pietro Polentes
Riccardo Galimberti
Rachele Santini
Racoon Studio
Sara Ciprandi
Chiara Loiacono
Chiara Loiacono, Pietro Polentes
For this project we started with illustrations already made and we have replicated their strokes and textures to remain faithful to the work of the illustrator, giving traditional animation a material flavor, playing with different textures.
The real challenge of the project was the acting of the characters. They in fact had to act and carry out a series of actions in just a few seconds, resulting alive and credible at first glance. To do this, it was essential to study poses and acting according to the time available.

The two elephants were then made in traditional animation, while the outline and background elements were animated in Adobe After Effects, using the original illustrations.

3D cameras allowed us to go deep into the forest.