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"Road signs hide interesting stories"

We have always thought that road signs hid interesting stories and with Land Rover we had the opportunity to tell some of them.

Animating these silhouettes with only two colors was very challenging: we had to make our characters act in a way that conveyed everything without using audio… even though the little sounds the protagonist makes have been fundamental in the acting.

Project details

Land Rover
Enrico Spinetta
Racoon Studio
Riccardo Galimberti
Paolo Ingraito
LAND ROVER_racoonstudio_animazione_2d_stickman_funny_9
LAND ROVER_racoonstudio_animazione_2d_stickman_funny_5
LAND ROVER_racoonstudio_animazione_2d_stickman_funny_6
LAND ROVER_racoonstudio_animazione_2d_stickman_funny_2