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Neffa - Aggio perzo 'o suonno

"Work with Neffa
it's been a pleasure."

Neffa is a very important artist for our backgound, and making a video for him it’s bee a real pleasure and a super fun experience.

At our side, another time, we had the infamuos Cosimo miorelli, who with his hand gave shape and colour to the suggestions of the song.

Project details

music video
Pisco Music
Riccardo Galimberti
Pietro Polentes
Pietro Polentes, Cosimo miorelli, Giovanni Pellino
Cosimo Miorelli, Rachele Santini
Giorgia Barletta
Cosimo Miorelli
Fabrizio Paludetto Rachele Santini
Neffa ft. Coez