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"Each girl has been
recreated in a
cartoon version."

Freeda is one of the most explosive and stimulating realities in the world of modern italian communication, and when they decided to make a series of documentaries about the world of women’s footbalm they choose us to make the opener for her show.

Inspired by the world of the legendary “Holly and Benji”, but with a widely revisited style, the opener presents the protagonists of the show in a few seconds, each girl has been recreated in a cartoon version and with short animations we have emphasized the specific characteristics of each character.

Needless to say, this was a super fun project, which also gave us the opportunity to meet agani mythical characters like the Derrick twins and Mark Lenders.

Project details

Tv show Opener
Pietro Polentes
Riccardo Galimberti
Pietro Polentes
Elisabetta Milanesi
Marta Sofia Marzullo Elisabetta Milanesi
Elisabetta Milanesi Rachele Santini
Rachele Santini Pietro Polentes