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"Enjoy this little
journey into the
hummingbird world!"

We’re very happy because this project has been selected for the Award of Excellence all’RX Club.

The agency asked us to develop this opening for a big event, the keywords of the project are “lightness”, “passion” and “dreams” with a little bit of “future and tecnology”, thast’s why, together with the great illustrator Paolo Daltan who worked with us, we thought quickly about an uummingbird as protagonist of the opener.
Paolo draws the elemnts that we’ve animated scene by scene.

Unlikly we can’t show the project with product and event logo, neither with agency and client name.

Enjoy this little journey into the hummingbird world!

Project details

Pietro Polentes
Paolo D'Altan
Racoon Studio
Paolo D'Altan
Riccardo Galimberti
Riccardo Galimberti