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After all these years there are still days in which we can't wait to run to the studio to complete a scene, continue working on an animation or try some new visual effect...
This means that our job is first and foremost our passion.

Our goals are:

To match your commercial needs with our artistic vision, so we can both be happy.

To create projects that you would like to watch, and than rewatch again and again.

To live in the Caribbean islands while drinking mojitos on white sand beaches.

We are a creative studio born in 2006. Yes, it’s been a while…
We’ve seen a lot, but we can’t wait to see even more!

Don’t forget that the story, your story, is the most important part of the project, and the design and technique will be customized to fit the idea and the target.

The Racoon family is always expanding: we love to collaborate with many different top notch pros, from the “young guns” to the “oldies but goodies”, always directed by the creative heart of the studio.

This way we can do… practically everything we imagine… and what we imagine is what you need.

Maybe you’re wondering why “Racoon”?

Contact us and find out!

Our team

Riccardo Galimberti

CEO / Co-Owner / Executive Creative Director

Pietro Polentes

Co-Owner / Creative Director

Raffaella Galimberti


Rachele Santini

Art and Production Director / Illustrator / Animator

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20143 Milan IT

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